Celebrating the Roald Dahl Day

The Roald Dahl day happens every year to celebrate Roald, who wrote influential and popular children’s stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Twits, The BFG, and James and the Giant Peach.

The inaugural Roald Dahl day occurred in 2006. Was he alive then, he would have been 90 years old. Roald Dahl day celebrations happen across the world on September 13th, which is also his birth date.

The History of Roald Dahl

Apart from being a sensational storyteller and author, Roald was an expert fighter pilot, spy, medical inventor, and chocolate historian. Roald is still the world’s number one storyteller and one of the most influential and read British writers who ever lived.

Born to Norwegian parents in Llandaff, Wales, his parents named him after Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian who became the first man to get to the South Pole. While Roald’s start in life was heroic, he lost his father and older sister earlier in life. Dahl’s father wanted him to attend British schools. In a bid to fulfill his wishes, his mother chose to stay in Wales to watch over her son as he received the best education.

The Chocolate Experience

Dahl would later join Repton School in Derbyshire. It is here that one of his most crucial works happened. Cadbury sent chocolate regularly to the school for the students to test. This experience gave Dahl dreams of developing a delicious chocolate bar that Mr. Cadbury would love and praise. Then, the Charlie and the Chocolate factory idea crossed his mind.

Many people are not aware that Dahl was once an expert fighter during WWII. He had a long, illustrious career and fought in various remarkable battles of the war. Eventually, Dahl started having severe headaches and due to this he was unable to fly. He spent the remaining years of his career working as a writer, diplomat, and intelligence officer.

It is then that he wrote his first children’s book, The Gremlins, which he created for Walt Disney Productions to boost a full-length movie. However, the making of the film did not materialize. Dahl continued his writing journey and ended up with stories that have remained popular to date.

Apart from writing books, Dahl also scripted screenplays for television shows and films. For example, he was the brains behind the screenplay for the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang popular musical. Dahl adopted an exclusive approach to storytelling. He wrote all his books from a child’s imagination perspective. Often, he incorporated dark humor in his work.

Roald Dahl Day Celebration Ideas

Roald Dahl’s books are interesting, and you always have a reason to celebrate them. However, during Roald Dahl day, try and organize some brilliant activities for the kids. They will enjoy listening to the stories once more and dressing like their favorite characters. Let us discuss some excellent ideas that the children will love.

·       Listen to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Read it out Loud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most popular children’s books that Dahl ever wrote. Further, children love chocolates, and they will be happy to listen to the story. You can even help them create Willy Wonka inspired candy. Willy and The Wonka is a fictional character in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book.

·       Help the Children Dress up like their Preferred Roald Dahl Character

Allow the children to pick one of their favorite characters then find the perfect outfit for the same. Once dressed, children will pretend to be the character. For example, your child can pretend to talk like The BFG. They can also attempt to remember the incidents in the giant peach.

Some schools in the UK have an event dubbed the Dahlicious dress-up day. Here, children dress up like their preferred Roald Dahl characters and embark on a fundraising drive. The funds they collect go to Roald Dahl Marvelous Children’s Charity, which assists disabled and critically sick children.

·       Make a Snozzcumber Cake

Cake is the life of any celebration. Help the children make the Snozzcumber cake to culminate the Dahl day celebrations. Snozzcumber is a fictitious foodstuff that appears in the BFG. While it resembles a cucumber, it differs in various aspects. To make this cake, you need the following ingredients.

  • Frosting
  • A large swiss roll
  • Chocolate drops
  • Green food coloring
  • Green jelly

Arrange your students in small groups and have them create a snozzcumber cake. Apart from enjoying the cake at the end, this activity is a great learning opportunity.

Our Primary School Students had a Blast this Roald Dahl Day

This year during Roald Dahl day, primary school students dressed up as their favorite characters from his stories. Their teachers helped them engage in various activities relating to Dahl’s stories. All of us had fun, and we cannot wait for the next Roald Dahl day.