New Art Studio in full action!

We are pleased to announce that the new Art room at LVIS is now in full swing! Last week, students loved the varied activities in their new bright and spacious studio:

Monday: Class F and G studying Pop Art. They carefully painted, using bright colours in a Andy Warhol style.

Tuesday: Class D have been working on a new ride for Europa Park, which they have designed themselves and built out of wire and Mod Roc. They are now adding the finishing touches, using acrylic paint.

Wednesday: Class A try abstract expressionism by learning about Jackson Pollock. As you can see, they really used the space well, as they enjoyed splattering paint onto A2 card and floor!

Thursday: Class C are proud of their fairy village, made from card and Mod Roc. This week, they finish the last touch of paint before taking their fairy house home.

Friday: Class E are in the middle of their challenge. They are creating super bug sculptures based from a study on the artist Christopher Marley.